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Tipo de material : bachelorThesis
Título : Desarrollo de un plan de negocios para la creación de una agencia de servicios turísticos quirúrgicos estéticos
Autor : Gaybor Vergara, Stephanie María
Tutor : Herrera Peña, Manuel María
Fecha de publicación : 2011
Editorial : Quito: Universidad de las Américas, 2011
Citación : Gaybor Vergara, S. M. (2011). Desarrollo de un plan de negocios para la creación de una agencia de servicios turísticos quirúrgicos estéticos (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.
Resumen : El plan consiste en crear una empresa dedicada a la venta de servicios turísticos y estéticos en el sector Norte del Distrito Metropolitano de Quito, debido a la cercanía al punto de arribo de los turistas extranjeros...
Descripción : The plan is to create a company dedicated to the sale of tourist services and aesthetic in the northern sector of the Metropolitan District of Quito, due to the proximity to the point of arrival of foreign tourists. The Ecuadorian industry trend of tourism during the period 2004-2011, shows an average annual growth of 6.68%, which also encourages the creation of this business The purpose of “tourism Robyag” is positioned as tourism services agency cosmetic surgery, most prestigious national characterized by its quality service, and good business practices Its operations are based on the use of marketing strategies such as creating a dynamic website to offer the services, as well as the sending of proformas and contracting services. The team consists of experienced professionals committed to providing quality service. The organizational structure is vertical, so that lines of authority are clearly identified and includes operational areas, administrative, financial and marketing. Market intelligence derived favorable results for the implementation of the service, since 63% of potential consumers would be willing to offer treatments and 40% and surgeries have been performed outside the United States. The total initial investment of USD 31,337.16, a value that will be funded 55% with economic contributions of four partners, the difference with a credit line of the National Financial Corporation, at an annual cost of 10.50%. In conducting the financial assessment considering three scenarios, it is determined that the business is profitable, because the NPV is positive and an IRR that exceeds the opportunity
URI : http://dspace.udla.edu.ec/handle/33000/1305
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