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dc.contributor.advisorBuenaventura Varela, Martha Lucía-
dc.creatorDíaz Escobar, Natalie Betzabé-
dc.identifier.citationDíaz Escobar, N. B. (2014). Planificación estratégica de la comunicación institucional para la correcta creación de la identidad corporativa de la fábrica T-GER en el Ecuador (Tesis de maestría). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.es_ES
dc.descriptionThe following work proceeds from the necessity of T-GER, a manufacturing company of woolen and thread sweaters, to comence an investigative process that might evince their requirements in terms of comunication, identity, and, thus, organizational culture, which have manifested themselves throughout its intitutional lifetime. This research started with a process of observation, during which data was gathered and analized about the company’s internal communications, its channels, and its characteristics of delivery, reception, publics, and types of messages. To make this research process viable, three variables were identified for the internal public: internal communication, organizational culture, and working environment; and two for the external public: corporate image and identity, and service. These variables furnished information for the company’s diagnostic and thus afforded the possibility to recognize such strategic steps that could be adopted in a Communications Plan to better the communicative processes and addecuately create the corporate identity of the company. This inquiry presents the results of the research tools, the inherent communicative channels in this company, the insights form the colaborators, the formality of the communication processes, the sense of belonging, corporate identity and organizational culture as it is recognized by the company’s members; and, on the other hand, such values, behaviours and principles which are obsserved in it by its publics. The Strategic Communications Plan that has been proposed has the intention of promoting organizational culture through the means of research and identification of internal communication processes and the adequate management of corporate identity from within the corporation, thus creating communicational strategies that can rightfully produce and lead specifc actions with properly identified audiences, while incluiding each of the company’s hierarchal levels. It is a Plan which encourages open contact with Management so that it has a closer conctact with the needs of the public.en
dc.description.abstractEl siguiente trabajo parte de la necesidad de la empresa T GER, fabricante de sacos de hilo y lana, de iniciar un proceso de investigación que evidencie las necesidades de comunicación, identidad y por ende de cultura organizacional que se han hecho presentes a lo largo de sus años de vida institucional…es_ES
dc.format.extent184 p.es_ES
dc.publisherQuito: Universidad de las Américas, 2014es_ES
dc.titlePlanificación estratégica de la comunicación institucional para la correcta creación de la identidad corporativa de la fábrica T-GER en el Ecuadores_ES
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