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Tipo de material : bachelorThesis
Título : Plan de negocio para la creación de una hosteria en la ciudad de Tena, provincia del Napo
Autor : Becerra Cano, Andrea
Tutor : Durán Almeida, Patricio Rafael
Fecha de publicación : 2012
Editorial : Quito: Universidad de las Américas, 2012
Citación : Becerra Cano, A. (2012). Plan de negocio para la creación de una hostería en la ciudad de Tena, provincia del Napo (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.
Resumen : La demanda turística en el país, se ha incrementado considerablemente. Uno de los destinos donde también se percibe este incremento es en la ciudad de Tena, provincia de Napo, que para el año 2006 recibió un total de 42.441 turistas en el 2009 y hasta agosto del 2010 un total de 70.443 turistas entre nacionales y extranjeros...
Descripción : Ecuador has an important tourism resource to be exploited productive, and therefore it is desirable to structure projects that are a guide to generate investment. Tourism demand in the country has been increased considerably. This increase also benefits Tena city, in Napo Province, which in 2006 received a total of 42,441 tourists, a figure that rose in the years after 79,523 tourists recorded in 2009 and until August 2010 a total of 70,443 tourists from home and abroad. For this reason, need for hosting sites that have the necessary hotel facilities, excellent service and varied recreational activities that give visitors fun, tranquility, comfort and relax. After analyzing trends in hotel and restaurant industry, market research and the positive results that this presents for the business, was born the idea of this plan for the creation of the inn "La Cattleya" in Tena city, Napo province, is located the road connecting the city with the Misahuallí port. In "La Cattleya" Lodge – Ranch, the customers can enjoy of many services, those are: hosting, restaurant, bar, pools, recreational games, ecotourism, extreme sports (Rafting, canoeing, rappelling), cycle rides in the city and to the main tourist sites, accompanied by trained tour guides, based on tastes and preferences consulted in market research. For start with the operations, is necessary created an aggressive marketing plan to promote tourism and the wonderful environment, because 80% of the target consulted through surveys in different parts of Quito city, prefer to visit the coastal region by simple habit or because they have not had enough information about what tourism activities can be performed in Tena city. The service will be divided into three areas: lodging, restaurant and recreation area (pool), was established a price $ 38 USD for lodging per day, an average of $ 12 per capita consumption in the restaurant and $ 2 USD per person entering the pool area, set prices according to payment capacity of the identified target audience, who are people of the city of Quito, an Ecuadorian national or foreign (Colombian), middle class and upper. The hostel capacity will be 184 people (squares), which may occupy 40 rooms in single, double and family cabins. Is expected to have a 100% occupancy in high season (January, July, August, September, December and public holidays) and in low season to sell a minimum of 6655 service which is the point of equilibrium to break even. The total investment required for the project is $ 965.178 dollars, the 50% is owned capital and the other 50% will be obtained through a loan. Assuming a 50% of the hostel capacity (92 people per day) in the first year, with 250 days in a year and an increase of 10 percentage points in revenue next five years, there was an IRR of 76.4%, a NPV of $ 1.035.706 at a discount rate of 25.07%, so it is concluded that the project will be successful.
URI : http://dspace.udla.edu.ec/handle/33000/2186
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