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dc.contributor.advisorAguirre Idrovo, Renzo Xavier-
dc.creatorMorales Zárate, Karen Pamela-
dc.creatorValencia Villacís, Ximena Estefanía-
dc.identifier.citationMorales Zárate, K. P.; Valencia Villacís, X. E. (2013). Plan de negocios para la implementación de un micromercado virtual en la ciudad de Quito (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.es_ES
dc.descriptionThis business plan has the purpose of studying the possibility of implementing a virtual micro market in the city of Quito. Accordingly to the dramatic technological growth in Ecuador, virtual purchase represents a unique business opportunity. It is unmistakable that everyday more individuals choose to turn their attention to this type of companies, reason why we have elaborated this project. This investigation intended to determine the market approval for the business MISCOMPRAS CIA. LTDA. The methodology to gather information was throughout a survey with a sample of 400 people. The results were positive in terms of consumers willing to use an online service to buy supplies. Simultaneously, focal groups and interviews with different experts on the subject were fulfilled. For the marketing strategy, the publicity campaign will be on-line based; this is by the use of social network, digital magazines and newspapers, amongst others. The organizational structure and profile analysis for responsibilities and salaries for each job were designed. The payroll will be set up of twelve people, including administrative and operative branches. The technical and operative requirements have being studied for the appropriate operation of the company MISCOMPRAS CIA. LTDA. The company will be established in the SOLCA area (North of Quito). Finally, through the financial analysis of the forthcoming five years, it was possible to hypothesize the profitability of the project. The initial investment is of 246268 dollars, which will be financed with own capital and a 51% per debt. With a discount rate of 16,56% a VAN was obtained, in a normal scenario unlevered, of 49391 dollars. In the case of the TIR a 23,95% was obtained. It is concluded that the CIA MISCOMPRAS business. LTDA. is viable and profitable.en
dc.description.abstractEl presente plan de negocios consiste en estudiar la factibilidad para la implementación de un micromercado virtual en la ciudad de Quito...es_ES
dc.format.extent256 p.es_ES
dc.publisherQuito: Universidad de las Américas, 2013.es_ES
dc.titlePlan de negocios para la implementación de un micromercado virtual en la ciudad de Quitoes_ES
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