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Tipo de material : bachelorThesis
Título : Creación de un periódico para mejorar la comunicación interuniversitaria en Quito
Autor : Coral Mantilla, Lilibeth Alejandra
Tutor : Ribadeneira Bustos, Carmen Amelia
Fecha de publicación : 2009
Editorial : Quito: Universidad de las Américas, 2009
Citación : Coral Mantilla, L. A. (2009). Creación de un periódico para mejorar la comunicación interuniversitaria en Quito (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.
Resumen : El presente trabajo propone la creación de un periódico interuniversitario que además de informar, sea un medio de comunicación útil para los estudiantes de cinco universidades de Quito: Universidad de las Américas UDLA, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador PUCE, Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ, Universidad Internacional del Ecuador UIDE y Universidad Internacional SEK UISEK…
Descripción : The document hereof suggest the creation of an inter university newspaper that besides informing, becomes into a useful media for the students from five Universities from Quito: Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE), Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), Universidad Internacional del Ecuador (UIDE) y Universidad Internacional Sek (UISEK). The reason of this proposal is because the absence of communication in the university and between the students from different universities was evident. The main objective is to create a newspaper that raises interesting topics for the students, and at the same time, includes sports, academic, social and cultural information from each of the five universities, by this way this would be a media that takes the interest of the students regardless which university they are from. It is a journalistic proposal that raises a deep reflection and analysis of the journalistic work: why, what for and how. Furthermore, by this way this job evaluates the reality of the written journalism in Ecuador and the influence of the alternative press around the world. Within the general conclusions, it was determinate that if there is a missing of information between the students and the fact that there are university newspapers, these don not achieve the needs of its readers because these are not independent, are institutional and its distribution is irregular.
URI : http://dspace.udla.edu.ec/handle/33000/1489
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