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dc.contributor.advisorRecalde Proaño, Patricio Marcelo-
dc.creatorEscorza Basantes, Juan Andrés-
dc.identifier.citationEscorza, J. (2020). Residencia estudiantil (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.es_ES
dc.descriptionIn recent decades the city of Quito has undergone major transformations in its urban composition, causing them to change all the original functions or vocations in the different sectors and neighborhoods that make up it. This is how one of the most emblematic sectors of the city, La Mariscal, went from being a highly residential area to becoming a commercial and an entertainment area mainly nocturnal, bringing with it new problems. In order to establish a solution to all the problems that haunt La Mariscal sector and improve its quality of life, in the Ninth Semester’s Degree Workshop (AR0960), a new Urban Planning Plan was developed. As a result of the research and analysis of the current state of La Mariscal sector several solutions were proposed to the most important points considered, for the Urban Planning Plan "La Mariscal 2040". In general, this plan proposes a reorganization of the space using as a starting point the built historical estate, redesigning the land use and its occupation density in order to incentivize a population increase up to 37000 inhabitants by the year 2040, improve the morphology of the road layout so that there is greater accessibility and the size of oversized apples gets reduced , restructure the mobility system by prioritizing ecological public transport, bicycle transport and pedestrian mobility and providing the sector with priority neighborhood facilities that will help improve the quality of life and strengthen the sense of community in La Mariscal. This proposal will allow La Mariscal to become a compact city model within the Metropolitan District of Quito, by 2040. In this current Degree Work I will develop an architectural project of a Student Residence, located on Av. Colón and Reina Victoria, which arises from he Urban Planning Plan "La Mariscal 2040" as one of its proposed neighborhood facilities. At the time of the development of the new Urban Plan it was identified that today although there are multiple universities, institutes and artistic centers of plastic and performing arts around the sector, there are no residence facilities designed for this community group. The development of this Student Residence architectural project will encourage to a larger young population to live in the sector thus increasing its vitality and returning its original residential vocation to La Mariscal.en
dc.description.abstractEn las últimas décadas la ciudad de Quito ha sufrido de importantes transformaciones en su composición urbana, ocasionando que vayan cambiando todas las funciones o vocaciones originarias de los diferentes sectores y barrios que la conforman...es_ES
dc.format.extent179 p.es_ES
dc.publisherQuito: Universidad de las Américas, 2020es_ES
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 Ecuador*
dc.titleResidencia estudiantiles_ES
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