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dc.contributor.advisorQuint, Sascha Gunter-
dc.creatorObando Alarcón, Jennifer Estefanía-
dc.identifier.citationObando Alarcón, J. E. (2019). Plan de negocios para evaluar la factibilidad de la creación de una empresa en Quito dedicada a construcción de casas prefabricadas con módulos de madera importados desde Estados Unidos (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quitoes_ES
dc.description"Housing is not only a good real estate, is also a form of spiritual consolidation." - Mario Benedetti. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the viability to implement a company engaged in residential construction of wooden houses prefabricated with their modules imported from the United States, in the sector of Quito. Preserving the environment due to its minimal emission of waste and mainly to its low price in comparison to the competition. Considered to United States as the market selected to import the main input (modules wood), United States is a country that has been dedicated to the manufacture of this type of housing for several decades and therefore there is a huge development in terms of technology and know-how as well as the 204 million hectares for the exploitation of wood. For this work was carried out studies of the external environment of the countries concerned and the industry to determine opportunities and existing threats, such as the high tariff barriers that Ecuador must nationalize product, loans to the BIESS provides to acquire their own home or all the reforms imposed by USA and directly affecting the residential construction sector. Realizing that the target market are people of middle class, middle-lower class who reside in Quito, that do not have home ownership and possess their own land. Marketing as the differentiation strategies stand out because, its unique market attributes it stands out from the rest, as its infrastructure comprised of standardized sections, their care for the environment, its high security as a House traditional, its modern design style loft, among others. The initial investment of the project was valued at $ 161.696,27, which will be financed with 70% personal investment and 30% with credit.en
dc.description.abstract“La vivienda no es sólo un bien inmobiliario, es también una forma de consolidación espiritual.” ,Mario Benedetti...es_ES
dc.format.extent87 p.es_ES
dc.publisherQuito: Universidad de las Américas, 2019es_ES
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 Ecuador*
dc.titlePlan de negocios para evaluar la factibilidad de la creación de una empresa en Quito dedicada a construcción de casas prefabricadas con módulos de madera importados desde Estados Unidoses_ES
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