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dc.contributor.advisorQuint, Sascha Gunter-
dc.creatorEscobar Calero, Karen Mischel-
dc.identifier.citationEscobar Calero, K. M. (2018). Plan de negocios para la creación de una plaza boulevard para la comercialización de accesorios de tecnología y servicios complementarios ubicado en la ciudad de Quito (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.es_ES
dc.descriptionNowadays, the world is involved in constant technological advances, these benefit society from different angles. Some of its main uses are communication through smartphones with internet access, which leads news or activities in real time. This makes the user create a certain dependence on their uses and makes it essential for their day to day, being this way in aspects as: personal, professional or academic use. This is how, from this perspective, this project of creating a boulevard plaza for the commercialization of technological accessories, especially the sale of smart cell phone cases, is carried out. After the high demand in which the market is with these mobile devices and the need for customers to protect their device with something that distinguishes and reflects their personality, the proposal of this project is launched. Taking advantage in the same way of the weaknesses observed in the competition and wanting to generate opportunities for the new company as it is, offer the consumer a different and exclusive product in conjunction with a personalized and guided attention in the acquisition of the product and with the addition of finding the products in a different and cozy physical space, in this way to generate a lived experience in the consumer purchase process and not only, the purchase. For this document, the analysis is done for the businesses that may be in the boulevard plaza and their feasibility is analyzed, with the understanding that the analysis concept can be replicated in other businesses in the boulevard plaza. This is how this project directs its product to people aged 15 to 55 who live in Quito and use activated smartphones in the city. Together it is wanted to have great participation in digital media as a web page (e-commerce) to generate greater positioning and sales. In order to the implementation of the project, an initial investment of $ 128,865 is valued, which is financed with the contribution of the shareholders with 70% and bank credit with 30%.en
dc.description.abstractEn la actualidad el mundo se encuentra inmiscuido en constantes avances tecnológicos, estos benefician desde diferentes ángulos a la sociedad…es_ES
dc.format.extent98 p.es_ES
dc.publisherQuito: Universidad de las Américas, 2018es_ES
dc.titlePlan de negocios para la creación de una plaza boulevard para la comercialización de accesorios de tecnología y servicios complementarios ubicado en la ciudad de Quitoes_ES
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