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Tipo de material : bachelorThesis
Título : Plan de negocio de reciclaje de llantas para la fabricación de asfalto verde en la ciudad de Quito
Autor : Pérez Lucero, Michelle Viviana
Tutor : Valladares Terán, Carlos David
Fecha de publicación : 2016
Editorial : Quito: Universidad de las Américas, 2016.
Citación : Pérez Lucero, M. V. (2016). Plan de negocios de reciclaje de llantas para la fabricación de asfalto verde en la ciudad de Quito (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.
Resumen : El rápido deterioro de las vías en Quito y el impacto ambiental causado por los neumáticos desechados de forma inadecuada, han motivado a la elaboración de un producto reciclado más resistente y durable como lo es el asfalto verde...
Descripción : The rapidly deterioration of roads in Quito, and the environmental problem caused by improperly discarded tires, have led to the development of a strong and durable green asphalt recycled product. Through an analysis of the manufacturing industry focused on other non-metallic mineral products, and considering a good view of the historical GDP of the industry showing its significant growth in the market, lead to gather information about the market research which was determined by experts interviews and surveys, that showed the feasibility of creating a green asphalt product as a solution for roads in bad conditions. As the Porters forces were analyzed, it concluded that the outlook for the business to be competitive is favorable, the analysis showed the low level of risk in the threat of entry for new competitors because of their entry barriers, the medium negotiation power with suppliers considering that Petroecuador is the only crude supplier, and in the case of substitute products, the most suitable product for road paving is too costly. The document also showed the business opportunity and marketing plan in which it was determined that one of the main strategies is to keep similar prices as competition in order to avoid price wars, lead the market to know green asphalt by publicity, and establishing JIT strategies in order to optimize the production system and create competitive advantages. Finally, the financial evaluation with a 5-year projection showed the growth of company profits rising from 6% to about 8%. In order to determine the projects profitability, its liquidity and debt capacity, the document analyzed factors such as NPV (USD 12.324.258,04), IRR (64%), the capital recovery period to be evidenced in year 3 and financial indexes that were favorable to the project according to the comparison made with the financial industry economic indicators.
URI : http://dspace.udla.edu.ec/handle/33000/4866
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