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dc.contributor.advisorMéndez Guerrero, Andrés Isidro-
dc.creatorAbad Miño, Paola Alexandra-
dc.creatorRosero Yáñez, Ana Cristina-
dc.identifier.citationAbad Miño, P. A.; Rosero Yáñez, A. C. (2003). Proyecto de creación de una empresa de publicidad directa (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.es_ES
dc.descriptionIn the investigation carried out for the elaboration of this project, it is clearly observed that in our country and especially in the city of Quito there are no companies dedicated specifically to carry out Direct Advertising. This research work focuses on the creation of a company that meets the needs of the business sector through the services offered by Direct Advertising Presents a proposal of technical, legal and marketing that contributes to the formation of the Direct Advertising company under the name of Directo-AR. Three people will be part of the society of this company that will be called Directo-AR. For this reason, the legal category to which this company belongs is Compañía Limitada. When performing the corresponding research of competition and demand, it can clearly be seen that there are very few companies that mean direct competition for Directo-AR, but with the study of the sample made of the demand for this service, companies need and they agree with the use of Direct Advertising. To know in depth what is the meaning of this and the difference with Direct Marketing, in the content of this work you will find the explanation of this and sub-themes that serve as support for the research process of this project to create a Direct Advertising company .en
dc.description.abstractEn la investigación realizada para la elaboración de este proyecto, se observa claramente que en nuestro país y especialmente en la ciudad de Quito no existen empresas que se dediquen específicamente a realizar Publicidad Directa…es_ES
dc.format.extent109 p.es_ES
dc.publisherQuito: Universidad de las Américas, 2003es_ES
dc.titleProyecto de creación de una empresa de publicidad directaes_ES
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