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Tipo de material : bachelorThesis
Título : Optimización de la línea de producción para la elaboración de productos ambientales domésticos en la empresa V&P productos de limpieza
Autor : Paredes Villacrés, Andrea Paulina
Tutor : Buitrón Flores, Pedro Enrique
Fecha de publicación : 2008
Editorial : Quito: Universidad de las Américas, 2008
Citación : Paredes Villacres, A. P. (2008). Optimización de la línea de producción para la elaboración de productos ambientales domésticos en la Empresa Vand Productos de limpieza (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.
Resumen : La Propuesta de Optimización de la línea de producción para la elaboración de productos ambientales domésticos, siendo el objeto de estudio el producto llamado Ambiental en la empresa VP Productos de Limpieza, se basa en el Mejoramiento Continuo, implicando el cambio constante e incrementando la productividad y la producción diaria...
Descripción : The Proposal of Optimization of the production line for the elaboration of domestic environmental products, being the object of study the product called Environmental in the company V P Cleaning Products, is based on the Continuous Improvement, implying the constant change and increasing the productivity and the daily production. This proposal contains six chapters in which it is described below: Chapter I. General._ contains the introduction, definition of the topic, objectives, scope and justification of the proposal. Chapter II. Theoretical framework and description of the company. Contains all the concepts, definitions, characteristics, necessary production documents, objectives and general aspects of Management by processes, principles of Quality Management and productivity, on continuous improvement deals with the definition, importance, advantages and disadvantages, basic activities and the cycle of continuous improvement that is based on continuous improvement. There is also talk of the description of the company Chapter III. Characterization of the production line. Contains the description of the productive process, that is, the product, the processes, the resources and productive elements in great detail. And so the current situation of the production line with a SWOT is evaluated. Finding the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats of the Company V P Cleaning Products. Chapter IV. Survey of processes and measurement._ contains four processes found by means of the process lift and these are: mixed 1, mixed 2, packaging and labeling; The times of said processes were measured, with this the problems of the production line were found. Chapter V. Analysis of the Current Situation and Selection of the solution alternatives. The current situation was analyzed and the problems were defined as: the lack of machinery, the packaging is not technical, the daily production is not optimal and the labeling It is not adequate. These problems were hierarchized and the causes of them were looked for. Solution alternatives were selected for the problems encountered, these being an implementation of three mixers, with which the raw material can be better diluted and three different scents and colors of cleaning chemicals, that is to say the Environmental, can be commercialized. change of a raw material for another, the most technical packaging and consisting of all the necessary specifications in the labels and thus with these solutions will help in the improvement of the daily production. Chapter VI. Conclusions and Recommendations._ You will find the conclusions and recommendations of the Optimization Proposal of the production line for the preparation of domestic environmental products, of the Environmental product in the company V P Cleaning Products. The interesting aspects that were found based on the research were the solution alternatives, since in this way a solution was given to the problems of the company V P Cleaning Products, thus improving daily production, productivity, making the company enter to the market with more competitiveness and with a product in terms of the lowest price without leaving aside the total quality of the product. The expected results were very satisfactory because we will see an improvement in productivity and optimal daily production since with the implementation of mixers that will help in the mixing processes and in the packaging process, this being more technical because the same mixers will come out hoses with their respective keys to pack. The results obtained are satisfactory because by changing the propylene glycol raw material for the vanillin it was possible to decrease the production time and production costs were reduced and thus the daily production was improved.
URI : http://dspace.udla.edu.ec/handle/33000/4150
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