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dc.contributor.advisorIntriago Armijos, César Alberto-
dc.creatorPontón Cajilema, Mauricio Fernando-
dc.creatorVargas Alvarez, Carlos Guillermo-
dc.identifier.citationPontón Cajilema, M. F.; Vargas Alvarez, C. G. (2004). Diseño de tecnologías inalámbricas Wap y SMS integradas e implementación para la Universidad de las Américas (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.es_ES
dc.descriptionThe objective of the present titration work is to present an architecture for the integration of technologies, a model on which solutions can be based that requires the use of wireless protocols and to develop the technological platform that supports this architecture. Additionally, the present titration work covers the application development that demonstrates how the system of consultation within the University of the Americas can be developed using this technological platform. Based on this architecture proposed in this work, the demo application uses the same environment that the University has, its same computer structure, and its existing resources. This application will serve as a basis to exemplify the requirements and steps necessary for the development of solutions based on wireless technologies. The demonstrative application developed, using object-oriented programming, is based on a framework of well-defined components, which allows the reuse of them in various applications that are within the scope of the solution. Thanks to this platform, users and developers are offered more possibilities of access to information, which, in addition to being able to access data through an increasingly common medium, such as the Internet (a terminal with access to the Web), the user or developer can do it without the need of a computer, or a classic Internet environment. For this purpose, a communication device widely used by everyone will be used: the cell phone. Technologies such as WAP and SMS allow direct connectivity with devices of this type, making it an excellent informative tool taking full advantage of the technological tools that are used daily. You can achieve a number of operations, both queries, as transactional. Through the SMPT protocol for the exchange of electronic mail, personalized information is sent to each student previously registered in a database. In a complementary way, this technology platform includes the functionality of access from the Internet through Web Services. Thus, the architecture integrates several technologies, and the demonstration application implemented in the present Titration Work shows a powerful tool of consultation.en
dc.description.abstractEl objetivo del presente trabajo de titulación es el de presentar una arquitectura para integración de tecnologías, un modelo sobre el cual puedan basarse soluciones que requiera el uso de protocolos inalámbricos y desarrollar la plataforma tecnológica que de soporte a esta arquitectura...es_ES
dc.format.extent247 p.es_ES
dc.publisherQuito: Universidad de las Américas, 2004es_ES
dc.titleDiseño de tecnologías inalámbricas Wap y SMS integradas e implementación para la Universidad de las Américases_ES
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