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Tipo de material : bachelorThesis
Título : Propuesta interiorista para un albergue juvenil tipo cama y desayuno para turistas nacionales y extranjeros
Autor : Fernández Yépez, Gisselle Fernanda
Tutor : López López, Pablo Mauricio
Fecha de publicación : 2014
Editorial : Quito: Universidad de las Américas, 2014
Citación : Fernández Yépez, G. F. (2014). Propuesta interiorista para un albergue juvenil tipo cama y desayuno para turistas nacionales y extranjeros (Tesis de pregrado). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.
Resumen : El trabajo de fin de carrera trata de la elaboración de una propuesta interiorista para un albergue juvenil tipo cama y desayuno para turistas nacionales y extranjeros en una edificación de 1034m2 de construcción, ubicada en la Av. Queseras del Medio y Av. Gran Colombia que está compuesta por cuatro bloques: el principal se construyó en 1941 como vivienda; exhibe un sistema de construcción mediante estructura portante con techos complejos a varias aguas...
Descripción : This bachelor for degree thesis consists on the elaboration of a proposal of a bed and breakfast youth hostel for national and foreign tourists in a 1034m2 construction. It is located at “Avenida Queseras del Medio” and “Avenida Gran Colombia”. It is composed of four blocks. The main one was built in 1941 as a dwelling place. It exhibits a construction system with a supporting structure of complex ceilings with several different slopes, and has three floors. The second block is made up of two types of construction systems, concrete frame and steel frame, which prevails, and it has two floors. The third and fourth blocks are built by concrete block construction and have inclined tiled roof. The objective of the project is to provide a space for young tourists to stay for a low price and with right to breakfast, giving functional and esthetic areas with a youthful environment which provides rest and socialization, so that their needs are fulfilled. The design includes ergonomic furniture, colors, lighting, ventilation, and all that Interior Architecture offers, achieving a comfortable, nice environment for young traveler tourists. The design of concepts used for the proposal are “La Trama” (weft) and “Pop Art”. The weft permitted the generation of an organized project, due to its “cross-lines” which can generate axis and modules, and succeed in reaching a fun, dynamic project. It is applied in a conceptual, formal way, and combined with the strong, contrasting colors offered by Pop Art (blue, yellow and red). The final result is an attractive, original project, designed for young tourists. It contains comfortable areas, made with versatile materials and saving systems which promote money saving as well as the esthetic of the place.
URI : http://dspace.udla.edu.ec/handle/33000/3239
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