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Tipo de material : masterThesis
Título : Diseño del plan de comunicación institucional con el fin de potenciar la marca, imagen e identidad corporativa de Taste Ecuador
Autor : Gallardo de la Puente, Carlos Alberto
Granja Londoño, Andrés Felipe
Tutor : Hidalgo Albuja, Patricia Elizabeth
Fecha de publicación : 2014
Editorial : Quito: Universidad de las Américas, 2014
Citación : Gallardo de la Puente, C. A.; Granja Londoño, A. F. (2014). Diseño del plan de comunicación institucional con el fin de potenciar la marca, imagen e identidad corporativa de taste Ecuador (Tesis de maestría). Universidad de las Américas, Quito.
Resumen : TASTE ECUADOR es una empresa de investigación, análisis, aplicación y desarrollo del talento humano, encargada de propiciar información gastronómica y técnica por medio de chefs altamente capacitados en productos y arte culinario del Ecuador, capaz de generar una cultura gastronómica exportadora, abrir nuevos mercados mundiales, propiciar la inserción estratégica en el comercio internacional y la participación del ecuatoriano a nivel mundial...
Descripción : TASTE ECUADOR is a research, analysis, application and development of human talent enterprise, responsible for promoting culinary and technical information by means of highly trained chefs and culinary products from Ecuador, able to generate an export food culture, opening new global markets, promote strategic integration into the international trade and the participation of the Ecuadorian people worldwide. lt is committed to working for ECUADOR, its gastronomic development and sustainable products responsibly and consistently. ln this research, once detected problems, targets were aimed and raised: "Structuring the corporate communication plan in order to strengthen the brand, image and corporate identity of TASTE ECUADOR "; Organize Communication Management and define strategies to achieve an export business culture with emphasis on new foreign trade players. Feasibility studies of the project were conducted; the results generated are analyzed in the four basic assessments: Technical, lnstitutional, Legal and economics. (com/2010/09/factibilidad-y- viabilidad.html) and described the project as feasible and viable as the conceptual component parts, the information used, consistency of approach, the closer to reality referred to give you quality, efficiency and relevance and has the staff with expertise, science and technology to implement, maintain and develop the brand TASTE ECUADOR. Relevant tools were designed, developed and implemented the for self-analysis of the image, identity and existing culture and from that, build the future model, appropriate and reinforce the objectives and strategies of TASTE ECUADOR, and is projected on the different communication media in the various visual and audio messages to give a message "perceptions form the image of the organization, a record in the memory market, achieve greater presence and increased visibility.". The role of public relations, marketing and advertising of TASTE ECUADOR, was synthesized. Some important aspects of the various alliances that keeps TASTE ECUADOR is then listed, and allow maintenance, and facilitate the identification of Ecuador as a country with high potential for the development of culinary tourism. A summary of the binding products with this project is done. Finally, the actions of this project are listed below: TASTE ECUADOR brand that meets the verbal or linguistic function, logo, symbol, image, color, or graphic was created which provides increased bargaining power, openness to new domestic and international markets was constructed. TASTE ECUADOR website was updated to put the global products and services and reach the food products to potential customers worldwide. ldentity Manual is structured as normative and functional business tool that will allow the rational and effective use of the elements of identity in all its possible applications "Costa, (2004, p.107) nstitutional communication plan was structured, SWOT was developed mechanisms and strategies of brand awareness and image of TASTE ECUADOR, as part of the organization of the Directorate TASTE ECUADOR communication with emphasis on new business actors were selected outdoor dining.
URI : http://dspace.udla.edu.ec/handle/33000/3102
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